Women and Shakespeare

Women & Shakespeare Podcast is a monthly series that features conversations with diverse women directors, actors, writers, and academics who are involved in making and interpreting Shakespeare. It is designed to harness digital humanities to redress the gender and racial disparity in academic citational practices, public discourse, and rehearsal room power dynamics in the field of Shakespeare studies and performance. Funded by NYU (New York University), Series 1 includes guests ranging from renowned actors Dona Croll, Kathy Pogson, and Janet Suzman to Orwell prize-winning author, Dr Delia Jarett Macauley to Head of Higher Education and Research at Shakespeare’s Globe and Vice-President of the Shakespeare Association of America, Professor Farah Karim-Cooper, to multiple award-winning playwright Chris Bush.

Opening the Geese book

Opening the Geese Book presents the full facsimile of the two-volume manuscript New York, Morgan, M. 905; selected chants recorded by the Schola Hungarica; videos with historical information; and critical commentary in English and German, codicological analysis, archival sources, and bibliography. Produced in Nuremberg between 1503 and 1510, the Geese Book preserves the complete mass liturgy compiled for the parish of St. Lorenz and used until the Reformation was introduced in the city in 1525. The manuscript is famous for its representations of animals, wild folk, and a dragon. Saints’ days and other festivals can be accessed easily via a drop-down menu.

The Newton Project

The Newton Project is dedicated to publishing in full an online edition of all of Sir Isaac Newton’s (1642–1727) printed and unprinted writings, including his notebooks and correspondence. The edition presents a full (diplomatic) rendition featuring all the amendments Newton made to his own texts or a more readable (normalised) version. Also includes translations of his most important Latin religious texts.

MIRABILE: Digital Archives for Medieval Latin Culture

The continuously expanding project publishes online the important resources constituted by the well-known SISMEL’s databases (Medioevo latino, the Bibliotheca Scriptorum Latinorum Medii recentiorisque Aevi, the Compendium Auctorum Medii Aevi) and by the prestigious journals published by the Edizioni del Galluzzo. Subscription service with some free resources.

Luminariam: Anthology of English Literature

A digital repository of English literature that includes full texts from the medieval to the Restoration periods with subject-specific sections devoted to religious writers, Renaissance drama, Metaphysical poets, and the Cavalier poets. Each entry includes a collection of resources including links to biographical material, texts, essays and other material.

The site also includes an extensive search function and an encylopedia that provides context for the literature.

Medici Archive Project

The Medici Archive Project began as an electronic database of letters and other documents in the Medici Granducal Archival Collection and has evolved into a research institute supporting digital projects and offering seminars and fellowships.

MAP’s online collection, BIA provides access to an unparalleled range of digitized early modern material. The material comprises over 24,000 transcribed documentary records, 18,000 biographical entries, 87,000 geographical and topographical tags, and over 300,000 digitized images from 292 volumes of the Mediceo del Principato. Aside from providing a faster and more user-friendly interface for document entry, BIA has enabled scholars from all over the world, not only to view digitized images of archival documents, but also to enter transcriptions, provide scholarly feedback, and exchange comments in designated forums, all within BIA’s academic community of over 2400 international scholars, students, and enthusiasts who daily engage with one another, with the ever-increasing number of uploaded digitized documents, and with the staff and fellows of the Medici Archive Project.

Mapping Titian

Mapping Titian allows users to visualize one of the most fundamental concerns of the discipline of Art History: the interrelationship between an artwork and its changing historical context. Focusing on the paintings executed by the Venetian Renaissance artist, Titian (ca. 1488-1576), this site offers a searchable provenance index of his attributed pictures and allows users to create customizable collections of paintings and customizable maps that show the movement of the pictures over time and space with the application of various filters.