Petrarchive. An edition of Petrarch’s songbook Rerum vulgarium fragmenta.

The Petrarchive (ed. Storey, Walsh and Magni) is an open access rich-text digital edition of Petrarch’s songbook Rerum vulgarium fragmenta (Rvf). The website does not reproduce in OCR other editions but proposes a new digital way of visualizing, studying and teaching Petrarch’s work by offering different levels of visualization of the texts (facsimile high-quality images of all the chartae of the partial holograph Vaticano Latino 3195, its complete diplomatic transcriptions and edited forms, a prototype for a new eleven-section commentary including a new English translation), as well as multiple indices and tools to access the diverse strata of the work’s composition.

The Petrarchive is designed as a tool both to introduce Petrarch’s collection—a collection that continues to influence modern cultures in many languages—and to give advanced users access to Petrarch’s “original” text and an extensive “material” commentary for each poem. Among the most innovative aspects of the project is its visual indexes. The project proposes, in fact, different ways of accessing Petrarch’s 366 poems, among which: 1) Text indices arranged and searchable by: a) poem number (in the physical order of Petrarch’s last version); b) alphabetical order of the poems (including retrievable palimpsests); c) genres (sonnets, sestinas, canzoni, ballate and madrigals); d) line graph of each charta. 2) A visual index of the external order and internal arrangement in line graph form of each charta 3) A visual index of the chartae arranged by the fascicle structure of Vatican Latino 3195

Dutch Love Emblems

A website of love emblems, a very popular genre based on word and image combinations for the youth in the Low Countries ca. 1600. It currently includes 27 Dutch love emblem books, religious as well as profane. For all of these we have full transcriptions, page facsimiles and indexes, as well as extended search options. Links to sources and parallels, translations and annotation are being added.

Drawings of the Florentine Painters

The Drawings of the Florentine Painters, a robust digital resource based on Berenson’s publication of the same name, allows users to search for nearly 4000 drawings by artist, title (i.e. subject, in English or Italian), location, and technique. Each entry includes key information from all three editions of Berenson’s text (1903, 1938 in English; 1961, in Italian), as well as the current location, an image of the catalog page, and plates included in 1903; most entries also have links to museum webpages, including images.

Closer to Van Eyck

Closer to Van Eyck reconstructs the world of Hubert and Jan van Eyck, and to that of the art restorers who have painstakingly revealed the earlier glory of these paintings, which had been hidden for many centuries. Includes an index of images and videos of the restoration and photographic reconstruction d serves as a gateway for viewing the many high-resolution images of the Ghent Altarpiece. This web application provides information on the current restoration of the Ghent Altarpiece, and it allows you to study the polyptych.

Éditions Lyonnaises de Romans du XVIe siècle (1501-1600)

The Éditions lyonnaises de novels du XVIe siècle (1501-1600) database aims to highlight the contribution of Lyonnais presses to the development of the fiction genre in the XVIth century. Each notice lists and describes the editions printed in Lyon in the 16th century, while listing all the editions that have appeared elsewhere in France or in Europe.

The Pulter Project: Poet in the Making

This ongoing open-access project seeks to represent the striking verse of Hester Pulter (1605-1678) in at least four versions: transcriptions of the manuscript; photographic facsimiles of its pages; Elemental Editions (basic modernizations with spare annotations); and contrastive Amplified Editions, created by a growing team of contributors. Side-by-side display enhances opportunities for comparison. Supporting Curations contextualize individual poems, and Explorations offer broader points of entry. An index features hyperlinked keywords to generate thematic subsets of the verse.

This site operates as both a teaching and a research resource for students and scholars of the English literary Renaissance. It not only provides freely-accessible editions of Pulter’s still little-known poetry, it also brings those editions into close contact with images of the unique manuscript witness, while contextualizing them through contact with other verbal and visual materials that help to integrate Pulter’s novel literary voice into the canon. The deliberate display of contrastive versions also helps to pull back the curtain on scholarly editing.

English Broadside Ballad Archive

An online archive of digitized broadside ballads from American and European libraries. Includes ballad sheet facsimiles, facsimile transcriptions, and recordings, and an extensive catalog with basic and advanced search functions. Recently added features include a visualization tool for topic modeling, a woodcut search using image recognition, and ballad illustration costume book.